The iStent is new in the world of Glaucoma surgery.  It is designed to lower intra-ocular pressure by improving the outflow of aqueous in the eye. The iStent is an extremely small medical device that is placed into the eye during cataract surgery.  It is so small that you will never even be aware of it, but it will continuously work to help lower the intra-ocular pressure.

How can iStent help me?

Every day, you are probably taking one or more eye drops to control your eye pressure. By improving the outflow of fluid from your eyes, iStent works to help control your eye pressure. After implantation of iStent, many patients are able to control their eye pressure.

Controlling eye pressure is extremely important to reduce the risk for vision loss due to glaucoma. If you forget to take your eye drops or ‘skip a dose’, this can cause large changes in your eye pressure. Large changes in eye pressure can increases the risk for vision loss.

If you have both glaucoma and cataracts, ask your eye doctor if iStent is right for you.


The iStent is inserted into Schlemm’s Canal, to help improve the outflow of aqueous in the eye